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Claudette Macey

 Executive Director/CEO

Claudette Macey has stood as a pillar of commitment and compassion in the realm of social services for over 46 years. She earned an Associate Degree in Business Management from New York City Technical College and her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Adelphi University School of Social Work and is a New York State Certified Social Worker.


She brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the unique needs of the older adult population. Her visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in the organization's longevity and continued impact, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support that has become synonymous with FGC's mission.

Claudette has been instrumental in developing and expanding a range of vital programs and services to enhance the quality of life for older adults and families in Brooklyn. Under her guidance, the organization has successfully navigated the evolving landscape of older adult care and COVID-19, adapting to emerging needs and embracing innovative approaches to ensure everyone receives the personalized attention they deserve.

In 1996, Claudette made history with the members of FGC's Christopher Blenman OAC, where she started the first older adult steel pan band in the country. Named "Blenman Steel Sounds," their members range from 68 to 89. She has produced four professional compact discs for the group over the years.

Claudette's unwavering dedication to older adults ageing in place, fostering a sense of community, and promoting the well-being of older adults and families has left an indelible mark on the organization and the lives it touches.

In addition to her leadership, Claudette has actively collaborated with stakeholders, government agencies, and community partners to advocate for policies that support the people they serve. She continues to champion the causes of aging with dignity and fighting ageism, steadfastly committed to making a positive difference in the lives of older adults and families throughout Brooklyn.

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