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Young Minds UPK-4 Program

Welcome to Young Minds UPK-4 Program

Sponsored by Fort Greene Council Inc., an organization with over 50 years of reputable social service experience throughout Brooklyn, New York, Young Minds has provided academic-based programs and aftercare services since 1982.

​Our teachers and caregivers are trained, ready, and excited to help guide, motivate, and prepare your future leaders for Kindergarten. With purposeful play and nurturing guidance from our teachers, our approach to learning inspires children to think critically, while embracing their spirit of creativity. Utilizing creativity, compassion, and resourcefulness, this approach instills a spark of desire for continued learning and discovery that helps your child future leader’s develop and excel throughout their education journey.


Early Childhood UPK-4 Program

Young Minds offers a FREE full-day child-centered program open to 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and pre-kindergarten (Universal pre-kindergarten 4-year-olds). Each child is accepted as an individual and recognized for their unique abilities. The program supports your future leader’s learning and educational development. Cultural differences are valued and celebrated through creative expression, play, and various stimulating and engaging classroom activities.


Young Minds has graduated over 6,000 young leaders since its commencement. Young Minds prides itself on cultivating and maintaining an intergenerational community. In addition, Young Minds has built a strong legacy over the past five decades, nurturing not just one, but four generations of families, which speaks volumes to the quality of care and education provided. 

Our FREE program is open to all students and provides an academic-based program that builds the skills required for young minds to succeed in the steps to come.

We not only nurture collaboration, we model it.

Working together toward a common goal is something we practice every day at Young Minds. We foster meaningful relationships with families, school staff, and the community to help optimize each child's learning and growth.



Safe Environment

We create a safe and supportive environment for children's wellbeing and development.      Upholding sanitation and maintenance standards in compliance with the NYS Department of Health guidelines ensuring that children are in a clean and healthy setting, reducing the risk of illness and promoting their overall safety, and fosters a sense of security and comfort for both children and the families

Distance Learning

 Physical Program

We engage children in physical activities that strengthens their motor skills and promotes healthy brain and emotional development.  

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Hours That Meet Your Needs

Our hours of operation are from 8:00AM - 6:00 PM

Monday to Friday 

Outdoor Snack

Free Healthy Meals

We provide free delicious and nutritional meals and snacks, which are essential for children's growth and development, emotionally and physically. All meals meet the regulations set by the NYS Child and Adult Care Food Program, ensuring that children receive the nourishment they need to thrive. 

Math Formulas

Creative Educational Curriculum

Creative Curriculum integrates play based hands-on investigations, providing them with opportunities to explore, experiment, and discover the world around them in a meaningful way. Creative Curriculum incorporates language, literacy, and mathematics throughout the day, which helps children develop foundational skills and cultivates their curiosity and problem-solving abilities.

Teacher in Classroom

Qualified Staff

We have highly qualified and dedicated staff who prioritize providing a safe and healthy environment for children's learning. Our staff encourages curiosity through hands-on learning experiences, which sparks children's natural inclination to learn and grow.

Seats Are Still Available But Limited

Programs are free of charge and are located at 972 Fulton St. in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. NY 11238. Seats are limited but still available. 

If interested in enrolling your child in Young Minds UPK-4 Program, contact

Program Director Ms. Olufunke Bolaji

by Email:

Call: (718)-622-8622 ext. 254, or

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