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Grace Agard-Harewood Older Adult Club

966 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11238

(bet. Grand Ave. & St. James Place)





Hours of operation

M-F – 9 am-5 pm


About This Center 

The Mecca Of Fort Greene Council Lives Here!


Grace Agard Harewood Neighborhood Senior Center named in honor of FGC's long time Executive Director, is the heart and soul of the council's abundant senior centers. We hope you like what keeps so many other seniors stepping into our doors. The activities, the awareness, the jazz program and the vitality of this center is 100% developed with you in mind! Come and see how.

The Grace Agard Harewood Neighborhood Senior Center, named in memory of the Fort Greene Council’s long time Executive Director, is the heart and soul of the council’s abundant senior centers. The core seniors are very dedicated and they keep coming back because of the companionship they experience here. Many of the men at the center are very talented musicians, writers, dancers, and drummers who entertain the community on a regular basis, and there is a dedicated DJ for dancing. There is also a Wii game station that has shown to be very helpful for seniors in terms of using new technology for exercise. Join Us.

Program Director

Mr. Septimus Fletcher

Mr. Septimus Fletcher

Center's Calendar Of Events 

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